If you’re the only user on your computer and frequently visit a social network, use it as your homepage to keep up-to-date with friends. Changing your homepage to a website or web page you enjoy or find useful allows you to find what you want on the Internet faster each time you open your browser. Below is a list of some of the most popular sites used as homepages on people’s browsers. Scroll down to the On startupsection and choose Open a specific page or set of pages. Another way to set a home page in Internet Explorer is with the Use current button. This will automatically add the currently opened pages as the home pages.

  • When you make your own web site, follow these simple procedures to fine tune your keyword preference and increase your search engine traffic.
  • This will reset Age of Empires’ cache data, potentially fixing issues preventing launch.
  • At one point, Einthusan was a rage among Indian users for watching movies on Kodi.
  • When I try loading the game, I”m getting an “Initialization failed” error just after the splash screen comes up. The game used to work, but it’s not now.

The design of a website is also a matter of taste. What’s important to some is unimportant to others. The Safari browser on the iPhone doesn’t use a homepage, so it’s not possible to set one for that version of Safari. When you open the Safari browser on your Mac, it is likely opening to whatever page you had previously set as your homepage. But if you find that your first step when using Safari involves navigating to Google, then it might make more sense to set Google as your homepage instead.

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Using Internet Explorer 7 0 Or 80

I simply don’t see how they are actually superior to Office 2003. And I’m sure I’ll say the same about the new MSN interface. I don’t care what “MSN.com” looks like; I have the log-in for my email account bookmarked, so that’s all I ever see.

Note that you should only download the latest driver installer that’s compatible with your operating system. Once downloaded, open the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to update. From time to time, there will be new drivers released to work out bugs or to be optimized for the latest software. You should always make sure to have the latest drivers installed. This is a last resort, but you can reset your machine to factory settings. You’ll lose all saved data that isn’t stored in the cloud, along with your installed games, but it could fix the problem. Only go for this if you’ve exhausted every other option because there’s no reversing it.