If you no longer want to receive notifications from a particular Discord channel, you can easily mute that channel from both PC and mobile. It is important to communicate with the teammates while playing games because it helps to win the game. Sometimes users turn off the sound when they join Discord to set up everything correctly. OK, so maybe you want to mute an entire server from sending notifications, and that is perfectly fine.

From here, you can either mute the entire category or determine what messages you want to mute. However, having joined a bunch of servers, the insane amount of notifications, you can end up receiving an insane amount of notifications. There are eighteen notification you can change and each one can be previewed by clicking the volume icon next to each name. The changes are saved immediately after toggling each notification sound on or off. Windows 11 does not have a small taskbar buttons feature, so you don’t need to disable it via the Settings app. Go to Settings app ➜ Personalization ➜ Taskbar. Now, toggle the switch below “Use small taskbar buttons” such that it is disabled. In the case of Windows 11, the settings are the same. You need to open the Settings app and go to “System” from the left panel. Now, relaunch the Discord app and check if you get notifications or not.

Verify The Server Notification Settings In Discord

Tap on your Discord user icon on the lower right of the screen. Mobile Push Notifications – Turning this on means that any notification you get will also be sent to your mobile if you have it installed. Suppress All Role @mentions – this will prevent notifications from people mentioning a particular role. Being constantly bombarded by popups on Discord can be very annoying. Fortunately, the app itself has ways in which to reduce, or even outright remove these irritating notifications.

You’ll see a red sign right-bottom corner of the user avatar. I don’t want you to feel like living in a complicacy anymore. It’s because we use tons of unique and fantastic options every day on Discord, either as a server owner or a typical user. You can choose an interval from 10 seconds to 30 minutes, and Android won’t bring up any notification from the app during the period. We have to give props to the Android team for adding such an advanced feature. However, you got advanced options in the Android device that is missing in the iOS version. It has cornered the gaming and streaming markets, but other options exist that work just as well for chat rooms, direct messaging, and video conferencing. Certain OS updates might resolve bugs in your system contributing to dysfunctional applications. The resulting location will list a number of apps on the device.

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Right-click on the server icon and go to Notification Settings. Change notification settings to “only @ mentions”. Now you will only be alerted if you are mentioned by username or if your role (your cohort or @everyone) is mentioned. Turn off the first option in the notification settings to disable all notifications in Discord. As I mentioned in the beginning, discord notifications are really helpful to read every message while on discord or even minimized. In the notifications box, the first option you will find will be for “Enable Desktop notification”. Click on the toggle to turn it off if you want to turn off the discord notifications. You can choose any of the options depending on you. To mute any discord server right-click on it and hover up to the option Mute Server and choose the options for time. After you’ve muted certain users, you won’t receive any more notifications from that user.

Muting a server will mute every channel inside of it all at once. Enter the server that has a channel you want to mute, and open the channel. Discord is a great way to establish communities around your hobbies and interests. Once you’ve created your own server, you can add bots, play music, or (if you’re not enjoying it), you can delete a Discord server entirely. Choose betweenUse category default,All messages,only mentions, orNothingto stop them entirely. Select your Discord server from the icons on the left. Select a channel on the left, then right-click a user on the right. Thankfully, you can disable Discord notifications pretty easily—here’s how. If you have additional issues with Discord, go through our recently published articles. Using Discord falls on an everyday activity nowadays for hundreds of thousands of people.

How to Turn off Discord Notifications on Android Phone

Discord for iPhone only lets you turn off in-app notifications from its settings menu. To disable system notifications for Discord, launch the Settings app on your iPhone and tap Discord. Once you mute specific users, you will not receive any notifications from them. You will continue to receive notifications from other users on the server. Sometimes, you may just want to mute single or multiple channels of a Discord server rather than muting the entire server. If your friend messages you and you’ve muted them, their new message will still be in the conversation, but you will not receive a notification. If you have muted a server or a channel, new messages will not trigger notifications for you.
You can recheck individual user, channel, or server notification settings to make sure they are not muted. Above you learned how to turn off discord notifications for the entire server and channel, but maybe you just want to mute any specific user. Server notification settings – These apply filters to all the channels under the server. Choosing a setting will determine when you’ll be notified. Choosing All messages will notify you of everything. Choosing Only @mentions will notify you of messages that mention you specifically.

How to mute a single channel

Right-click a channel and hover overNotification settings. If you’re sick of notification spam on Discord, you can limit or mute your notifications in a few different ways. But I have mentioned a fine list of working methods you need to apply to fix the issue. Follow them until one solves the problem for you. Apply the on-screen instructions to install the app on your computer. If your Discord app got any temporary glitch or error, it might store in the cache files. So, you need to clear your Discord cache immediately. If the problem is not with the status, I suggest you check your Discord’s notification if the problem is started here. A dedicated Discord app is available for Android devices, and I have been using it for a year or even longer than a year. I have previously mentioned that Discord is my daily driver, and I must say that there is no learning curve here.

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The best Discord settings and tips in 2022.

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In this context, setting your Discord status to online may solve the problem. However, if you don’t want to go far as blocking, you can mute them instead. This will let them message you, and you will also see their messages, but you won’t receive any notifications when they message you directly. When you enable streamer mode, Discord turns off all your notifications so you don’t get disturbed. It’s worth disabling this mode, or the option that disables https://www.beaxy.com/glossary/satoshi-sats/ your app alerts, when you experience notification problems. Enter a server, right-click a text channel, and select Notification Settings. It’s good to see how you are allowed Discord You are in complete control of all the notifications you receive from the app. You can either choose to turn it off completely or silence some friends, channels, or servers who are talking. Anyway, turning off Discord notifications on mobile and PC is very simple.

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If you use Discord on your Windows PC, then you may turn off the notifications by following any of the methods listed below. You can also deafen your chat, i.e., you can mute other members for yourself. Read more about usd to bc here. Simply click on the headphone icon at the right to the microphone icon, and you won’t hear other members chit-chatting. Open the relevant channel – Your channels are usually found on the left pane, so click on the icon right away to open it. From the extended menu, choose how long you want to mute them. Once you confirm that you no longer wish to receive notifications via email, Discord automatically discontinues sending them.

How do I mute Discord notifications on my laptop?

In the desktop app, right-click the channel's name and select ‘Mute channel.’ You can then pick how long you'd like to mute the channel for. You can also click the bell icon to mute a channel indefinitely.